Monday, 25 June 2012

Grey Magazine Issue 6

Today I'm doing some more work for New York based magazine Grey - I realised I hadn't posted the work I did for their last issue, so here it is.

Grey is a magazine which combines Fashion, art and literature- it is divided quite obviously into a first section focused on fashion stories, photographically based, and then a moves into a literature section which is largely illustrated. This will be the third issue I have worked on- each new brief I find always gives something unique to explore.

For Issue 6 I was asked to illustrate two essays, entirely different in their subject matter- The first (top image), Lost and Found, by Erin Sheehy, is a wonderful piece exploring the power of sound.  In it she considers her own love of old Soul and R&B, and likens the act of listening to music to conjuring ghosts.

The second article The President on the Rocks by Aaron Ayscough, investigates certain US presidents' historical drinking habits. I particularly liked the visual of Thomas Jefferson and his love of Bordeaux.

More information on Grey and it's stockists here

Badger Fun

Photo courtesy 18 Hewett Street
Thursday's Love Thy Badger exhibition was a great success, and a great cause, infact 18 Hewett St have extended the show so it's staying up this week, have a look

Friday, 15 June 2012



Here is a Badger-themed screen print I finished last week, for an exhibition opening on 21st June.  LOVE THY BADGER features work by all sorts of great folk: Matthew The Horse and Neil Fox to name just a few.  All donated to raise money for the Wildlife Trust against the recent Government Bill for a mass badger cull.
Private View Thursday 21st June, Exhibition opens 22nd-24th June at Protein / 18 Hewett Street


Some roughs from a recent Financial Times commission