Monday, 19 December 2011


I've recently been developing some ideas from a project I started earlier in the year into screen prints - here is the first print (edition of 6) in what's planned to be a series of 5.

The (loose) inspiration for the project came from drawings of Star Constellations. I often find I am a bit of a colour-phobe- so this will also be an opportunity to explore colour a little

Friday, 16 December 2011

Hobbs House Bakery

Last week I was commissioned by the lovely Hobbs House Bakery to screen print 250 of my navy Christmas cards for their xmas customer mailout.

I created 5 designs for the card, and each was hand printed- more photos of the final designs up soon.

These cards are also available to buy at the wonderful Nothing But Navy online shop

Monday, 5 December 2011

Patty & Bun

Myself and good pal HOAGY spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on Friday working on a collaborative project- creating a set of blackboards for the PATTY & BUN Pop up, a night of Burgers and Cocktails in West London.

Here are some pictures of our creations- I worked on some of the signage while Hoagy created a psychedelic chalkboard mural masterpiece, and we worked together on 35 mini chalkboards featuring burger-related quotes and quips.

I also designed the flyer for the event, seen at the bottom here.

Naturally I had to put up a picture of the Patty & Bun burger, it was ridiculously tasty.

PS I thoroughly recommend a peruse around Hoagy's website, his work is mysterious and magical, rather like him.