Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pattern inspiration

From top:
Tom Wagener (Museum of Everything)/Lips, 2010
John Cage (with Calvin Sumsion)/Not Wanting to Say Anything about Marcel, 1969
Alfred Wallis/ White House and Cottages, 1930
Alfred Wallis/ Sailing ships and Two Steamers, 1932
Alfred Wallis/ White Houses, 1930-32

I have recently been doing quite a lot of research into print and patterns. I find myself drawn to patterns which are fairly random and accidental. The pieces above I think are wonderful examples of 'accidental' patterns- though they perhaps were not intended to be so.
Alfred Wallis is one of my favourite painters for many reasons: the simple naivety of his pictures and the beautiful subdued colour palette he used. In these examples,the repetition of houses and fishing boats creates a beautiful, simple pattern.

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